A Vintage Photo Shoot at the Tree Farm

December 16, 2016
A Vintage Photo Shoot at the Tree Farm

Where better to do a winter vintage photo shoot at this time of year than at the local Christmas tree farm. The perfect farm was not hard to find, since my husband Doug has worked at one for the last 25 years. Kuhns Christmas Tree Farm in central Pennsylvania, a small 50 acre farm specializing in fraser fir trees, made for a lovely, rustic backdrop for a vintage winter photo shoot, featuring some special Steele Hollow Vintage items, perfect for the holidays.

Doug happens to have the collectors bug like me; but in his case, he tends to lean more toward big, loud, greasy collections – like chainsaws! Thank goodness the farm is a great place to display them all (and not my living room!) His “chainsaw wall” made a surprisingly great backdrop to start the photo shoot. The 1960’s gorgeous silver bead-covered pumps, specially made in Hong Kong, stand their own among this boys club.


Placing evergreens in the house started as a pagan ritual to represent the anticipation of spring and new life during the dark and cold winter months. From there it seems the first decorated trees at Christmastime started in Germany and soon the tradition really gained popularity when a Christmas tree was put up in Windsor Castle by Queen Victoria. The first decorations were fruits and candy, to be followed by candles, and then the safer option of electric lights.



All the featured vintage items can be found in the Etsy shop! www.steelehollowvintage.etsy.com

Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season!



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