February 7, 2018

“To make you your loveliest – because soft, rich velvet is so flattering!”
Words from the pages of one of my vintage 1930’s Montgomery Ward catalogs. I love reading the clever descriptions in old catalogs. I imagine some middle aged man at a desk, looking at a picture of a ladies dress and dreaming up a description like, “Look neat, trim, and fresh as a daisy in this smart frock!” Makes me chuckle.

I use old catalogs a lot for reference when working with vintage. I find them incredibly informative (and entertaining). When working on my latest collection, VINTAGE VELVET, I found myself referring back to a few of my 30’s catalogs quite a bit. I decided to include some of the pages from them here in this week’s post, paired with the “vintage velvet” in the collection, available now in the Etsy shop. Oh, how I wish some of the pieces in these old ads were available to click on and add to a virtual shopping cart as well. *sigh*

Just for fun, after each photo collage, I picked my favorite line from a description on the page where the featured ad came from. I’m constantly amused by the flowery and charming use of words that was printed to entice the buyer. Enjoy!


“Our Gardenia frock of transparent velvet, will make you feel as glamorous as a movie star!”



“Your friends will accuse you of extravagance … until you tell them the price!”



“Did you say “quality” Madam? And “youth”? And “value”? Here’s an outstandingly beautiful answer!”



“So gracious and charming – you can’t help but feel that way yourself when you wear this Frock.”



“It’s remarkable to see what nice slim things this dress does to your figure!”



“Drama … in the long veil, and the luxurious bright velvet flowers.
Excitement … in the wonderfully soft wool felt and the LOW PRICE. A beauty!”


All the vintage featured here from the VINTAGE VELVET collection, is available in the Etsy shop. Just click HERE to visit the shop. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, it likely has already sold. Feel free to use my Contact Page to ask any questions you may have.

All the featured ads came from my personal collection of vintage Montgomery Ward catalogs, including – the 1934-35 Fall/Winter edition, the 1935-36 Fall/Winter edition, and the 1938-39 Fall/Winter edition.

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