For once, spring really sneaked up on me! Usually, I’m counting the days until winter is officially over, but this year the arrival of the first day of spring was met with surprise. Now, it’s not exactly warm enough out yet for me to put away my scarves and mittens, but I was prompted to poke around in my storage looking through spring dresses. I figured, let’s get this show on the road and pull out some to list! This week’s collection I call “Think Spring“!

Hover over the first photo for a few details on each item.

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Items from the collection will be listed on Etsy each day over the next week starting Tuesday at noon.  Interested in reserving something before it goes live in the Etsy shop?
  • Just click “reserve here” above. This will link to my contact page.
  • Fill out the name, email, and message fields, letting  me know which item (or items) you would like to reserve.
  • I will then list the item on Etsy by the end of the day reserved in your name.
  • I will send you an email once the listing is up.
  • You will then have 24 hours to make the item yours before the reserve is removed.

The listings on Etsy will have more details about condition and many more pictures.
Feel free to reserve an item to get a better look.
If you change your mind, no problem. Kindly message me and I’ll take the reserve off.
As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.
Thanks for looking! – Shelley