All this week, I will be RE-listing 50 great vintage pieces that have formally been hiding out in the Etsy shop.
All 50 items will be between 15% – 50% OFF.
You get the first look at all 50 here!

Anyone on the email list who buys an item from the sale section this week can enter into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to the Etsy shop.
Just include a message when you check out that says “include me for 50!”
The winner will be announced Monday, April 8th.

Hover over each photo to see the new sale price!
Please send me a message for sizes and details.

If interested in claiming first dibs on anything, just click reserve here at the bottom on the page.
See all the details for reserving there as well.


Items will be re-listed on Etsy each day over the next week starting Tuesday at noon.  Interested in reserving something before it goes live in the Etsy shop?
  • Just click “reserve here” above. This will link to my contact page.
  • Fill out the name, email, and message fields, letting  me know which item (or items) you would like to reserve.
  • I will then list the item on Etsy by the end of the day reserved in your name.
  • I will send you an email once the listing is up.
  • You will then have 24 hours to make the item yours before the reserve is removed.

The listings on Etsy will have more details about condition and many more pictures.
Feel free to reserve an item to get a better look.
If you change your mind, no problem. Kindly message me and I’ll take the reserve off.
As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.
Thanks for looking! – Shelley