I’m big on taking time to stop, reflect, and set new goals at different times of the year. Doing so at the start of a new year is always an important one for me. As I pulled together this first vintage collection of  2019, I was mindful of having my picks be symbolic of some of my goals for the months to come.
Welcome to a peek inside my busy mind through some very special vintage finds!

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Goal 1:  Let’s just get it out of the way!  A classic resolution, the top New Year’s cliché – I want to eat healthier. There. I said it.  I’m jumping on the bandwagon. But I truly would like to start making better food choices and cook healthier meals.
So goal one – eat healthier and cook more soul food.

Goal 2:  Spend more time with my friends, old and new. I want to create the space to gather my favorite people together more often and get to know new friends better. I especially want to do this with the many amazing women in my life. I have the best girl friends ever, and I want to bring us all together more.

Goal 3:  My house has been a labor of love for many years, and there’s still a lot of work to do. After some purging, organizing, and light renovation, comes the fun part – decorating! I’m interested in taking more of an artistic approach with decorating my house, and I’d like to share the experience as I go. So I plan to include my room-by-room projects on social media for a look behind the scenes at Steele Hollow Vintage headquarters.

Goal 4:  Speaking of social media, I really need to step up my game! I get excited about the connections that can be made on social media, but I’m also kind of shy about it too. Which is weird because I don’t consider myself shy in person. So I plan to open up more, post a few more selfies, and hopefully meet more vintage lovers too. Along with that, I’m excited to spread my wings when creating great photos to share, as well as, pursuing other creative endeavors that have been whispering in my ear for a while now. My creative side needs more space to run!

Goal 5:  Finally, I want to continue raising my standards regarding the vintage I sell. As I focus on finding the most fabulous vintage clothing and accessories I can get my hands on, I also want to expand my home goods and unique smalls selection. Lately, I’ve really enjoyed discovering the odds and ends, cool items for the home, or the perfect gift. I hope creating a well rounded shop, filled with exceptional vintage clothing and interesting vintage goods,
will make 2019 a very good year!

As always, thank you for following along! – Shelley


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