October 15, 2016

Between the foggy, dewy mornings walking the dog and Halloween just around the corner, I feel keenly aware of spider webs lately. Although not a huge fan of spiders, I’ve always been fascinated by their webs. The intricacy, the pattern, the function. The imagery of spider webs pop up every now and then in vintage, and I always take notice. For instance, the 1954-’55 Aldens catalog shown above features an amazing spider web design –

“…witching embroidered web front snares rhinestone and beads in its tracery!”

I’ve looked through this catalog dozens of times for reference and often stop on this page to admire this dress and think, what a thrill it would be to find one like it some day.


Image credits – Three images from Pinterest.

Until I have the good fortune to stumble upon such a great dress as the one in the catalog, I have Pinterest to swoon over some unique vintage spider web designs.


I’ve been lucky to acquire just a few spider web vintage pieces. This floor length 1930’s delicately weaved spider web lace gown topper was an unexpected find in a pile won at an auction. It’s not perfect, with holes here and there, which suits me just fine. In this case, I think the damage enhances its beauty.


Another wonderful vintage spider web piece in, dare I say, “my collection?” is this vintage compact. The designer toned down the “eek!” factor by omitting a spidery image and instead featured flowers and stars in the web.


My go-to Halloween costume is a Black Widow-esque spider lady. I usually don a dramatic, black 1940’s dress, my spider web lace stockings, impossibly high heels, black gloves, and the hat and necklace featured above. The hat is a striking 1940’s tilt hat in which I attached the perfectly creepy, cool spider. Its legs are dusted with blue sparkles and its body is covered in black feathers.


To finish off the outfit, I always include my 1970’s silver spider web pendant necklace with a little red rhinestone spider, making his way toward an unsuspecting fly.


Image credits – Two images from Pinterest.

With most ladies having an aversion to spiders, I have to wonder what the appeal was to bedazzle our fashions with such creepy crawlies. Perhaps if you separate the spider from its web, you realize this creation is really quite a beautiful thing. And if you think about how delicate yet strong it is, the sophistication of its shape, the cleverness of its function – well then, that’s pretty inspirational and a design worthy of adornment.

I’ll close with a couple images I took over the last several months. I swear, I’ve never seen a dewy spider web I didn’t want to photograph. In the meantime, I’m going to think about making it official and expand my little vintage spider web collection.

It’s like I’m being lured in by the thought of it. The few pieces I’ve found have trapped my interest and made it stick. Probably before I know it, I’ll be completely ensnared and so wrapped up in finding more spider web vintage, I’ll just have to give in, as the idea sinks its teeth into me once and for all and I’ll be starting yet another collection!


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